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As a company, we believe the business of doing business should be less complicated. We believe running a company should be about achieving a dream, not filing paperwork. And that those who stand up to be counted deserve innovations they can count on. That’s why we created PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® sales and use tax automation software, the creative, cloud-enabled system built on 30+ years of tax experience and a lifetime of helping business owners overcome operational hurdles. PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® uses advanced technologies and protocols to greatly reduce the time and expense your company expends to collect, calculate, file, and pay state and local Sales & Use Taxes to the State of Illinois every month. All while reducing state tax collection costs and collecting revenues faster. Whether you run one gas station in one tax district or oversee hundreds of retail stores across thousands of Illinois tax districts, PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  can uncomplicate your sales tax management system-wide, and create “win-win” situations for our users, retailers, partners, and revenue departments. Thank you for your interest in PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  solutions. Click here to see which PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® is right for your company.


The Inventor, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of PTP OneClick, LLC®, which created PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®, is Paul T. Pavlou, MBA, MSA, BSC, CTP, CPA. For you, all those titles and credentials add up to a man whose lifelong focus has been – and continues to be  – developing ways for his fellow business owners and clients to uncomplicate the business of doing business, so they can stay focused on growing their businesses. The result is PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® – the only sales and use tax automation software that makes the entire process for state and local taxes more manageable, from compiling sales results easily and generating more accurate reports through filing optimized returns, paying more conveniently, and even planning future tax strategies more effectively. Such high achievement, though, is expected from Paul. After all, he earned his MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management, his MSA from Roosevelt University, and a Bachelor’s degree in accountancy from DePaul University. He also holds certifications in the State of Illinois as a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Tax Professional, and is an active member in good standing with the Illinois CPA Society, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the American Institute of Tax Studies. If you want to know more, ask Paul.


Today, PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  is the new standard for sales and use tax software. Simply put, we have raised the bar. PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  now leads the industry with the most innovative, proven, secure technologies designed to improve the day-to-day management of tax requirements in addition to improving your month-to-month tax preparation, filing, and payment process. PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  changes everything, leveraging our founder’s more than 30+ years of tax expertise to align a revolutionary new product line with tools from Microsoft®, Adobe®, Flexera® InstallShield, and other industry leaders. Earlier iterations of PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  sought to clarify and ease the tax process for retailers in every category. Today, we have evolved that into the fastest, most convenient, most accurate, and easiest to use sales and use tax software available. We are committed to inspired innovation that gives our customers a true business advantage. And as the industry evolves, our ingenuity will continue to expand the ability of our users to manage tax challenges better, reduce tax anxieties more, and use the data to make future decisions more wisely.