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Smart Tax Technology


PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® is a complete electronic tax system, powered by Smart Tax Technology, which provides a win-win situation for taxpayers.  Period.  With PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®, we make sure you only pay the taxes that you owe and nothing more.  That means more money in your pocket.

The built in logic and intelligence feature, in the system, is unique in that it is the only one of its kind.  It utilizes a “Tax Wizard”, which covers data entry for every possible business scenario and it is user friendly.

By utilizing its smart rate technology, the tax wizard automatically recognizes the locations of operations, the sales & use tax rates, and business rules of all taxing authorities, where the taxpayer conducts his business. It can also be configured to read, write, and communicate with any point of sale system.  The transactions of any retailer can be communicated and populated directly into the numeric fields of the tax wizard.

Another important built-in feature of the tax wizard includes its automation to optimize the taxpayer’s tax returns by auto-generating and calculating all deductions, exemptions, and credits. The smart form technology of the system has the ability with minimum data entry to find, prepare and generate ALL State and Local Sales Tax Returns, supported by the system.    If any of the returns are late, the tax wizard automatically verifies the due dates with the filing dates and calculates and assesses the penalties for each late tax return by jurisdiction.

Also, by utilizing its E-Filing / E-Payment technology, the tax wizard automatically files and pays the taxes for all applicable tax returns, where e-filing is accepted.  If e-filing is not accepted by a relevant taxing authority, then the system has the logic to automatically generate the appropriate signature ready tax returns for conventional filing.

Because of its state of the art design – the system is scalable to include the tax structure of any taxing authority; from the smallest village to the largest country, and it can be configured to the specific requirements of any taxpayer.  PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® is the only software licensed and certified by the state of Illinois to be in tax compliance with the state, county and local tax authorities.  With PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® on your team, you will maximize your peace of mind that the sales & use tax returns generated by the system are complete and accurate.

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Our Technology is Smart and Intelligent. That’s what makes us Different.


Who should use PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®? In short, you and every company that wants their Illinois sales tax management to be easier, faster, and less costly. With our logic-driven CPA intelligence that automatically knows which taxes to pay what deductions and exemptions apply, which forms to file, how tax rates vary between locations, the latest tax law changes, and more; we uncomplicated the whole process for you. Whether you run a jewelry store, hotel, dentist office, gas station…you name it, in one town, a few locations in 4 or 5 counties, or an enterprise with 90 locations answerable to the 6,994 different tax authorities in Illinois, PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® soars above the competition.

PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® was designed to improve your overall tax management and make your business run better. That’s why it’s the only sales and use tax software that can help your company compile, calculate, e-file, and pay every type of Illinois State Sales & Use Taxes.

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