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Viewing & Print Returns

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Can you e-mail/fax a form to a client directly from the software?

Yes, you can create and save the returns generated by the software to .pdfs. Then, you can fax or email them to your desired destination.


Can I view or print multiple clients/companies?

No. You can only view/print the returns of one client at a time. You may view one return at a time or print one or more returns at the same time.


Can you print on both sides?

You need to change the default printing preferences of your printer from the control panel to print on both sides.


Can you print on a color printer?

Color printing is not supported currently. Some color printers may work fine, but in some cases the default print settings are altered resulting in color printing issues.


Can I move and sort the columns in the Client List?

Yes. You can drag any column you wish to any position you like.