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Knowledge Base / How do I prepare a tax return?

Click on the Prepare Return(s) link found on the left task panel or double-click on the company name. Follow the easy and convenient data entry screens of the Tax Wizard to enter the financial Receipts data for each location of operation. From your financial entries, the Tax Wizard will automatically calculate your deductible items and exemptions. When prompted in the Deductions Screens of the Tax Wizard, you may enter additional allowable deductions that were not calculated by the system, due to your company’s unique tax situation. In the Credits category, you may enter the Credits and any prepayments of taxes, so that you receive full credit for all allowable payments of tax. Finally, at the Tax Wizard: Finish Screen, you may select to View/Print Tax Returns, E-File Tax returns or Close Tax Wizard. By clicking at the “Finish” button, the system will perform your selected function.

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