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PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® is the most integrated, easiest-to-use sales and use tax software ever created. You can finish the most complex sale and use tax returns in less than 15 minutes with no tax knowledge necessary.  You can save days of work each month!  The Smart Rate, Smart Rules, and Smart Form Logic built into PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® will take you through even the most complex sales and use taxes in less than 15 minutes, while automatically calculating and preparing the state and local sale and use tax returns in Illinois and its tax jurisdictions.


Stop paying a CPA today. PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® makes it so easy to do your sales and use taxes that you can finish and file all of your state and local tax returns in minutes. All this for a fraction of what you would pay a CPA. Get the most tax benefits that you are entitled to by the tax laws. With PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®, we make sure you only pay the taxes that you owe and nothing more. That means more money in your pocket.


Our software works for any industry and is designed to work with all POS systems. Let us help you take the pain and suffering out of the sales and use tax process. The tax laws change. Compliance with the sales and use tax laws on a state and local level is complex and ever changing. With PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®, you never have to worry about it ever again. PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® is here to guide all the way. 


PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® is the only software to automate all of the required sales and use tax returns for state, county and city! PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® handles your financial data and performs calculations for multiple business entities and/or locations of operations; then, it automatically prepares the State & Local Sales tax returns for each entity and will even e-file it for you. Export, Upload, E-file. Export from your POS system, upload or input the data into the software using the Tax Wizard, and e-file the automatically prepared sales and use tax returns. No more complex calculations. In fact, no tax knowledge is necessary to use our software. With the Tax Wizard in PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®, our software will walk you, step by step, through the process and automatically calculate and prepare all of your tax returns for you.


PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® is the only software licensed and certified by the state of Illinois to be in tax compliance with the state, county and local tax authorities. With PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® on your team, you will maximize your peace of mind that the sales & use tax returns generated by the system are complete and accurate.