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Sales & Use Tax Made Easy.

Pavlou SalesTaxPRO® is the most integrated, easiest-to-use sales and use tax software ever created. Period.


Reduce Your Business Expenses.

Pavlou SalesTaxPRO® can save you time and money by 50% or more.


It's Simple.

Export, Upload, E-file. Yes, Pavlou SalesTaxPRO® is that simple.


Reduce Your Audit Risk.

Pavlou SalesTaxPRO® is the only software that keeps you in tax compliance with the state, county and local tax authorities.


Sales Tax Changes.

The tax laws change. Pavlou SalesTaxPRO® is here to guide all the way.


Stop Paying Unnecessary Taxes.

With Pavlou SalesTaxPRO®, we make sure you only pay the taxes that you owe and nothing more.


Leaving money on the table?

You could be, if you are not using Pavlou SalesTaxPRO®.

what is

PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  is the most integrated, easiest-to-use sales and use tax software ever created. Period. If you file Illinois Sales & Use Taxes every month, PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  can cut the time you or your employees spend managing and filing sales and use tax paperwork by 50% or more. With the click of a button, PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  automatically, populates the data entered by the user, calculates and optimizes all applicable deductions & exemptions, and generates the Sales & Use tax returns for ALL taxing authorities, where you operate your business.  Next, in just a couple of steps, the e-Filing Component files the tax returns electronically with the State of Illinois.  Finally, if the e-Payment Option is selected,  PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® automatically e-pays the sales taxes due for each tax type.   It has built in LOGIC and INTELLIGENCE to handle every possible business tax scenario.  In the end, you don’t really have to do anything, it does it for you. It’s that simple. It’s that advanced.

PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  is also the only software  that manages both state and local  sales and use taxes across Illinois. Others do not. Which means it’s also the only software that keeps you in compliance with the state and local tax authorities, reducing your exposure to risk while eliminating overpayments. And PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  is so advanced, it works with any POS system(s) you have. In the end, it’s just Export, Upload, and e-File. It’s even an approved Illinois Department of Revenue e-file/e-pay provider.

Do your accountants file sales tax for you? You still have to get the sales data to them. PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  also makes that easier, faster, and more accurate.

So whether you manage sales and use taxes for one store in one town, a few locations in 4 or 5 counties, or an enterprise with 90+ locations answerable to the 6,994 different tax authorities in Illinois, PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® makes it all easier, faster, more accurate, and far  less expensive.

— Paul Pavlou, MBA, MSA, BSC, CTP, CPA
Inventor  PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® Sales & Use Tax Software

who should use

In short, you and every  company that wants their Illinois sales tax management to be easier, faster, and less costly should use PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®. We uncomplicate the whole process for you – just Export, Upload, and E-file – whether you run a jewelry store, hotel, dentist office, gas station…you name it. PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® even simplifies e-payments.

Logic-driven PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® contains CPA intelligence that automatically knows  which taxes to pay, what deductions and exemptions apply, which forms to file, how tax rates vary between locations, the latest tax law changes, and more. Others don’t. Managing your sales and use taxes with PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO is like having a tax pro coaching you at every step, so you can spend less time on taxes and more time on the business of growing your business.


Food Services

Catering Services

Bars & Restaurants

Beer, Wine, and Liquor

Waste Management

Amusement & Recreation

Gambling Establishments


Museums & Historical Sites


Schools & educational services



Gas Stations

Drug Stores


Auto Dealers

Auto Services

Tire Retailers

Beauty Salons

Beauty Supplies



Health and Diet

General Merchandise



Funeral Homes





Art Goods & Services

Designer Fashion

Computer & Electronics

Child Care Services

Book and Music stores

Hobby Supplies

Sporting Goods

Home Improvement


how does work

It’s fast, simple and accurate — just 3 steps and you’re done.


Export your consolidated sales reports as .csv or Microsoft®  Excel®  files from your POS system(s).

Unlike competing sales tax software, PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  extracts all the necessary data, then automatically calculates and prepares every return for filing state and local  sales and use taxes in Illinois.

Once your returns are ready, you’ll have two choices: (1) E-file the tax returns by the due date, or (2) Forward your tax returns to your accountant for review, make any necessary changes, then file or e-file your returns. If you e-file, our system automatically follows through with e-payment options.

is your compatible

It’s simple: Any Point Of Sale (POS) system that exports .csv or Microsoft®  Excel®  format reports is PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  compatible.

Click at the link above in the heading to see a frequently-updated list of known compatible POS systems.  We have verified these POS systems and they are compatible with PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® sales and use tax software. If your company uses a POS system that you don’t see here, please send us a note  with the brand name and model and we will look into it.

When you do find the POS system(s) you use listed, just click “How does PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® compare?”  to continue learning more.

how does compare

PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  was designed to improve your overall tax management and  make your business run better. That’s why it’s the only  sales and use tax software that can help your company compile, calculate, e-file, and pay every type of Illinois state and local  Sales & Use Tax.

It’s that simple. It’s that advanced. Click above to see PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  compared head-to-head against other industry leaders.

which do you need

Do you know a contractor may need to pay Illinois use tax on items he doesn’t  build into a structure? Did you know gas stations can be fined if they don’t report fuel shipments in the same format they are billed? Or that 80% of businesses are required to file electronically?

PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® is a proprietary system that navigates Illinois sales & use tax requirements for you, applying the right rules and rates to your business by industry, location, number of stores, and more. Whether you use PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® Blue for Independent businesses, Gold for Enterprises, or Green for Tax Professionals, it will save you time, anxiety, and money.

So which PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® is right for your business? Our exclusive Assessment Tool tailors our software to your business using a series of questions to collect and interpret your data. Your answers remain anonymous, because we’re collecting industry data to continuously improve our products for you, not information about your particular business. The more accurate your answers, the better our Sales & Use Tax solution will fit you.

take the assessment tool

how to buy

Other tax software is sold by calendar year (2012, 2013, 2014), but PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  never becomes outdated. No matter when you buy, install, and activate PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®, that’s when your first 12-month license begins. If the tax code changes during those 12 months, your PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® software updates automatically, keeping you current and compliant. Then, after the first 12 months, it will renew automatically for the next 12 months. Simple.


shop products

PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  offers right-sized software , providing independent store owners, major corporations, and every size company in-between with sales and use tax software tailored to their industry, number of businesses, number of locations, and more. We even have a special package specifically for tax professionals who serve those companies.

With flat fees per license, per business, and per location. PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  is also the most affordable sales & use tax software available today. And the more forms you file, the lower your filing fees become. Learn more about each PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO®  below.

PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® Blue helps business owners who run any number of separate businesses in up to 10 locations for each entity. PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® gives you the freedom to take each of your growing businesses where you need them to go by giving you tools to track and compile sales data easily, then e-file and pay your state and local sales and use taxes accurately, avoiding both overpayments and penalties caused by accidental underpayment.

Developed for accountants, large audit and advisory firms, and other tax professionals, PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® Green helps tax pros prepare, e-file, and pay returns for any  number of their tax clients operating in up to 10 locations for each tax client. Unlike competing software, PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® can compile, file and pay all state and local sales and use taxes. And, of course, the tax pros can use the relevant tax data to help clients plan for future tax periods.

PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® Gold helps large enterprises compile, calculate, e-file, and pay returns for an unlimited number of stores, restaurants, hotels, or offices that they operate in an unlimited number of locations.
PAVLOU SalesTaxPRO® Gold truly is the gold standard in sales and use tax software, the industry leader that can file and pay all state and local sales and use taxes, no matter how many different rates or rules come into play across the thousands of Illinois tax districts.